Our Story:

Naked Cow Dairy is a dairy farm in Waianae, Hawaii and the only dairy farm on the island of Oahu. We opened in 2007 with the idea of bringing back the small family dairy of the past. going back to natural treatments for our cows, going back to when cows had names, not numbers, back to before antibiotics and

 hormones were considered “normal cow treatments”. None of that here! Unable to compete with mainland milk production, we began to create gourmet butters and artisan cheeses to add value to our milk. We are proud to be the first to produce gourmet creamery butters, unique artisan cheeses, and fresh cream top yogurt for the people of Hawaii and her visitors.

The Meaning of Naked Cow:

Naked Cow means “natural” the way nature intended. We value our herd for their personalities and calm demeanor. We love our cows and it shows in our products. We depend only on feeds grown in Hawaii including grass, sugar cane molasses, pineapples, kiawe beans, macadamia and kukui nut by-products, to name a few. This lowers our impact on fuel consumption, and reduces our carbon hoof-print! We f

ollow the organic guid

elines for the treatment of our cows. We don’t use antibiotics or hormones. We are committed to producing milk and our line of dairy products naturally.